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Skip Bayless: 'Jordan Taught Scottie Pippen How To Win Just The Way Dwyane Wade Taught LeBron How To Win'


Well, here we go again. Now that 'The Last Dance' is on, there's even more fuel to the never-ending debate about whether LeBron James is a better player than Michael Jordan.

But, more than what they've done on the court, people are starting to take a glimpse at the true Michael Jordan. The one that was harsh to his teammates in practice, the one that wouldn't tolerate anything but greatness and top-notch effort.

And while many people may not like Jordan's leadership style, Undisputed's Skip Bayless actually thinks it made him the best motivator there has ever been in sports, as it helped him put together a Championship team out of a depleted roster:

"I called Michael Jordan the greatest leader/motivator ever there was in team sports. He was more of a motivator for that team that even Phil Jackson the head coach was. I don't think Michael gets enough credit for how that not-so-deep team was," Bayless started. 

Skip went on to blast LeBron James for his comments about the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster in 2016 and the fact that his teams often go through major overhauls to get better players.

Moreover, Bayless went as far as to claim that Dwyane Wade was the one who taught LeBron James how to win the same way Michael Jordan did with Scottie Pippen back in the day:

"Jordan taught Scottie Pippen how to win just the way Dwyane Wade taught LeBron how to win his 1st year in Miami. Jordan took Dennis Rodman, who was virtually uncoachable and kept him in bounds. He took a mediocre roster and pushed all the right buttons," he concluded.

Let's not forget that Wade was already an NBA Champion before James arrived in South Beach. However, LeBron was the one who turned the Heat into a Championship-caliber team, and Wade actually had to take a step back to the King.

We could go on and on for days giving our input on which player should be considered the GOAT, but that's not for us to decide. Gladly, we've been able to watch them all through their entire careers, so just enjoy the privilege.