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Skip Bayless: 'KD And Kyrie Would Last About A Week With Coach Popovich's Old School Toughness'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Recent rumors have suggested the Brooklyn Nets have placed their attention on Gregg Popovich. They're looking for a new head coach and the San Antonio Spurs helmsman has appeared as a very good option for the Nets and they will make a 'godfather offer' to the veteran coach.

Gerald Brown of Let’s Get Technical recently revealed that Pop is on the Nets' radar and they are readying a big offer for the 71-year-old. Pop is one of the best coaches of all time, if not the best, but many people believe he's living his last years as a head coach and nobody believes he will actually leave the Spurs for another team.

He's become one of the most successful HC in NBA history and his style of coaching has a lot to do with that. Not everybody can take what Pop throws and Skip Bayless believes Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant aren't the players that will resist being coached by Popovich.

"On the rumor Pop might coach Nets: KD & Kyrie would last about a week with his old-school gruff/toughness & quirky decisions. They're 2 of the thinnest-skinned (and most talented) players ever, and now they've teamed up. Ty Lue is the best fit, better than Jacque Vaughn," Bayless wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Kyrie and KD have a problematic reputation. They've been involved in controversies with old teammates and coaches so it's not crazy that people think they would have a hard time dealing with Popovich. Well, these guys could learn a lot from the San Antonio Spurs coach but it's still a long shot for the Nets to actually sign the veteran coach.

He knows how to deal with stars, but Bayless isn't convinced these two big stars can handle Pop's regime.