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Skip Bayless: 'Kevin Durant Is The Best Player On The Planet, Kyrie Irving Is More Clutch Than Damian Lillard'

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Lats night's match against the Blazers showed the world how deep, talented, and inspired the Brooklyn Nets really are. Without most of their starting lineup, they were able to give one of the West's most talented teams a run for its money, pushing it down to the wire in a game in which their backs were against the wall.

And it's nothing new, either. The Nets have been doing well all season and even in the bubble despite all their injuries and constantly changing rotations.

So can you imagine what they might be like when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving return? FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless went so far as to predict they'll become the Eastern Conference Champions.

When healthy, Kevin Durant is obviously one of the best players in the league. With him, and several other cats back healthy, it's hard to argue they won't be serious contenders next fall. And Kyrie? He may or may not be as clutch as Dame, but he's got a resume that commands respect and he will be torching the East when he returns next season.

As for Skip, it seems he can't help but take shots at Dame nowadays as their little rivalry has likely turned them against each other for good. But it doesn't mean that he wasn't right about how dangerous the Nets will be.

We'll see for ourselves soon enough.