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Skip Bayless: 'Laughable! That's Why LeBron Is Disqualified From The GOAT Debate.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Skip Bayless takes advantage of every situation to take shots at LeBron James. The sports analyst has been famous for his disdain with LeBron and he doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Bayless is what you call a hater and he seems to be pretty fine with it.

Recently, he learned about the story of the Boston Celtics thinking James was 'soft' during the first years of his career. The veteran analyst used that to attack the King and try to get him out of the GOAT conversation.

"I see another story about how Paul Pierce and the Celts considered LeBron "soft" in his 1st go-round in Cleveland and his 1st season in Miami. He WAS soft. Did any rival ever accuse MJ of being soft? NO! LAUGHABLE! That's why LeBron is disqualified from the GOAT debate," Bayless wrote on Twitter.

As things stand now, there isn't anything that will make Bayless change his mind about LeBron. Not even if he wins five straight titles with the Lakers and retire as a 40-year-old playing at the maximum level.

He has huge admiration for Michael Jordan and he's not afraid to make the case for MJ any day. However, pointing out to somebody making some comments about one player is a very weak argument. Sure, that could work for Bayless but that doesn't change anything to anybody who considers LeBron as one of the greatest players in NBA history.