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Skip Bayless: "LeBron James Has Eclipsed Michael Jordan Off The Court."

Skip Bayless: LeBron James Has Eclipsed Michael Jordan Off The Court.

As a notorious LeBron James critic, FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless doesn't often have nice things to say about "King James."

But on Friday's segment of UNDISPUTED, Mr. Bayless shocked the world by admitting James has even MJ beat in one very important area: off-court impact.

"I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for what LeBron has accomplished off the court. It's staggering to me. He shattered the mold, he blazed trails, nobody has blazed. That's a figure, that $1 billion. He has eclipsed Michael Jordan off the court.

Michael invented, created the sneaker industry -- he is the sneaker industry. And there was Space Jam. That's Michael. But LeBron went in every direction. Michael didn't have such a vast portfolio."

It was recently revealed that Bron is on track to hit career earnings of $1 billion, making him one of the few pro-athletes in the world to hit such a number while still being an active participant in his sport.

Considering that milestone along with his influence in culture, media, film, business, and politics, it's hard to say he hasn't passed Jordan as an influence maker at this point. The thing is, his brand will only grow with more time, as he continues to dominate the game and stand out as a prominent voice.

What more can we expect from him over the next few years, and even decades?