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Skip Bayless: ‘LeBron James Won’t Win Another Title Without Kawhi Leonard’

Skip Bayless: ‘LeBron James Won’t Win Another Title Without Kawhi Leonard’

If people doubted there was some kind of rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, with Kawhi Leonard’s decision to join Lob City we are set to see a new chapter of this enmity.

At some point in the free agency period, many people considered Leonard was to join the Lakers, but the Klaw, making a chess move, decided to join the Clippers and shocked everybody.

Kawhi heading to the Lakers would have been a shocking move for the franchise, who would have become the favorite above any other squad in the league to win the Larry O'Brien. Nevertheless, now things look quite different for the Purple and Gold and his maximum figure, LeBron James.

Added to the relived rivalry between the Los Angelenos teams, now people wonder which star is going to shine brighter next season, James or Leonard. Skip Bayless, for instance, discussed which player needed a title more to cement his legacy on FS1’s Undisputed, saying very interesting things about the two players.

While Shannon Sharpe stated that Kawhi and LeBron’s legacies are unimpacted by anything the Klaw does, Bayless dared to say Kawhi’s decision changed the history of the association.

“Very late Friday night and early Saturday morning in the East, No. 2 dropped a bomb that changed NBA history in my estimation, because it effectively ended LeBron’s championship possibilities,” Bayless said.

“LeBron James is not going to win another championship without No. 2. Period. End of story.”

The analyst went to explain how Kawhi changed the course of the league with his decision to go to Los Angeles to compete head-to-head against the King instead of joining him. However, he remarked that he wasn’t so sure about the Clippers’ chances to win a title with Leonard and Paul George, different to the things the two-time Finals MVP could have done with the Purple and Gold.

Anyway, most NBA fans are convinced that going to the Clippers was the best decision for Kawhi and that it will bring balance to a league apparently focused on creating super teams. The only certain thing is that we are going into one of the most exciting NBA seasons in recent years with plenty of teams ready to dethrone the Toronto Raptors.