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Skip Bayless: 'Maybe LeBron James Should Wear Jordans In 4th Quarter'

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

Just when you didn't think this NBA season couldn't get any weirder, Skip Bayless starts praising LeBron James after his recent performances. Bayless hasn't missed a chance to criticize James but it looks like things are changing for them now.

Bron earned a lot of praise after his good performance against the Clippers on Thursday, where his clutch offense and defense granted the win for the Purple and Gold. The analyst sent a big message to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, even comparing him to His Airness, Michael Jordan.

Bayless took to Twitter to show his 'support' to Bron after a good performance against the Clippers in the last minutes of the game, noting how good James has been playing lately.

"Maybe LeBron (only 11 pts) should change his sneakers after three quarters the way he did the other night vs Clips. Forget the all-reds, which clash with the purple and gold. Maybe try some Jordans. Take over the 4th quarter. Must admit, LeBron has been playing some shockingly great high-energy, high-desire defense that is inspiring his teammates to become a very good defensive team. Props, King," he wrote on Twitter.

Well, Bron has demonstrated he's focused on getting that fourth title at the bubble, even if that means he must sacrifice the offense and focus on defense to help the Lakers. They had a great game against the Clippers on Thursday night and Bayless knows Bron is the real deal.

Although their second game at the bubble, 107-92, against the defending champions Toronto Raptors, there is no doubt that Bron has been great and is ready to win it all this season.

Imagine how good he's been that even Skip Bayless is praising him.