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Skip Bayless: "Michael Jordan, Inch For Inch, Was The Greatest College Player Ever. He’s The Greatest Basketball Player In History And The Greatest Performer In The History Of Sports."



With "The Last Dance" documentary just days away from its highly-anticipated release, the name, career, and legacy of Michael Jeffrey Jordan have been an increasing topic amongst the NBA community.

We all know his status as one of the best-- but how far does it really go?

Is he the greatest college player ever? The greatest basketball player ever? The greatest athlete ever? To Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless, Jordan is all of those and more.

"You know and I know, he's the greatest NBA player ever. Everybody out there, except you and a few billion blind witnesses, know that Michael Jeffrey Jordan was the greatest basketball player in history, the greatest performer in the history of sports."

Jordan had it all. He had the mentality to lead his team to victory, the talent to score buckets in high volume, the skill to slow down the opposing team's best player. But most of all, he had the passion and drive to do whatever it took to not only be the best version of himself on the court but also bring out the best of his teammates as well.

He's a 6x Champion, 14x All-Star, 5x MVP, 10x Scoring Champ, 11x All-NBA Player, 1988 Defensive Player of The Year, multiple league record holder, and an NBA Hall-of-Famer. While LeBron and others are making a good case, it seems the world just isn't ready to hand GOAT honors over to anyone else. Mr. Bayless certainly isn't.