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Skip Bayless: "Michael Jordan Was The Greatest Leader And Motivator Ever. LeBron Is More Of A Lover Than A Fighter, He's Truly A Nice Guy To A Fault."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

One of the biggest disparities between LeBron James and Michael Jordan is their leadership styles. LeBron is an encourager who likes to befriend his teammates to build rapport. Jordan, on the other hand, was much more aggressive. He used tough love and held his teammates accountable to a crazy high standard in order to bring out excellence.

These differences are often what many use to explain why Bron can never be considered the GOAT. He wasn't the kind of leader he should have been -- the kind of leader that Mike was.

Among those in that camp is FOX Sport's Skip Bayless, who said on Undisputed Monday morning that MJ was "the greatest leader/motivator ever."

LeBron is a truly amazing player and leader but, so far, Jordan's tactics yielded much better results. He's got double the amount of title wins and it seems his ways have made a pretty lasting impression on his teammates.

"It was like getting taught; getting taught in a tough way," said MJ's former teammate Scott Burrell. "I didn’t think it was embarrassing, I didn’t think it was humiliating. I don’t have any regrets of how it went down or any second thoughts about learning from the best. I mean, I was getting tutelage from the best player to ever play, from the best team ever put together! And it was a team that won five out of seven championships before I got there, and I didn’t want to mess it up! So, I was glad to learn any way possible that was taught to me. I think it prepared me for life, not just basketball."