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Skip Bayless Mocks LeBron James For His Triple-Double Against The Orlando Magic

Skip Bayless Mocks LeBron James For His Triple-Double Against The Orlando Magic

LeBron James had an incredible performance against the Orlando Magic. James turned back the clock, as he put on a triple-double against the Magic in what can be described as a vintage performance. Fans were thrilled to see James perform the way he did. But as usual, there was one very vocal detractor for James' performance.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless took to Twitter after the Lakers' win over the Magic to mock James for his triple-double. He accused James of frontrunning against a very weak Magic team and ridiculed him for playing till the end and missing a three-pointer, before making fun of his 'King' monicker.

LOL: LeBron just played all the way to the buzzer against 5-23 Orlando, even jacking up a three (that missed) near the buzzer. Triple double! 30 points! Please, "King."

Skip is well-known for being LeBron's biggest critic, and he will go to any lengths to discredit James, especially when he plays well, and slam him when he plays poorly. For LeBron James, there is almost no winning when it comes to Skip Bayless, and we have seen this for over a decade now. 

Most recently, Bayless suggested that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar criticizing James for his 'cojones' celebration was him outlawing James from being a Laker for life. Bayless' comments were not entirely reasonable, but he used the criticism from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to make his case against LeBron, both as a Laker and as a GOAT.

Bayless has been so overtly critical of James throughout his entire career. Some even believe that he has found fame and popularity because of his anti-LeBron agenda. While there aren't a lot of people who disagree with Skip over Michael Jordan being the GOAT, it is the way he tears down LeBron that has people disagreeing with him.