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Skip Bayless: 'Ok, Now It Has To Be Dame Time. Greatest Opportunity Of Dame Dollar's Career To Prove He's Worth More Than A Nickel In Big 4th Quarters.'

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

After much clawing and fighting, the Portland Trail Blazers have finally secured their place in the 2020 playoffs. Damian Lillard has been amazing so far in the bubble, and he's the biggest reason why they're in the position in the first place.

But the work is just beginning for Portland even after all the battles, their biggest challenge lies ahead: LeBron James and the L.A. Lakers. Obviously, a lot rides on this serious, including Dame's reputation and status as an NBA superstar.

In a tweet, FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless challenged Lillard to prove himself in this big moment.

This may be the biggest test of Dame's career. With a deep roster and a worthy sidekick in CJ McCollum, it will be up to Lillard to back up all the talk he's been doing with some postseason victories. What better way to prove the haters wrong than by beating LeBron James in the very first round?

Obviously, Lillard and Mr. Bayless have exchanged blows these past few weeks and guys like Skip still aren't convinced that Dame deserves to be considered amongst the NBA elite. They may never be.

But an upset against L.A. would certainly boost his cause.