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Skip Bayless On Joel Embiid Injury: "Another Big Break For LeBron James..."

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless is probably the biggest LeBron critic there is. Pretty much since the beginning of James' career, Bayless has been throwing shade his way and, even now, he hasn't slowed down.

Following news of Joel Embiid knee injury on Friday. Mr.Bayless worked his magic again, unsurprisingly finding a way to make it about LeBron and how "lucky" he was that Embiid might have just been eliminated from the MVP conversation.

Another big break for LeBron: MVP leader Embiid hyperextends his knee in the midst of yet another dominating performance. MRI next. Now, despite an awful month leading to the All-Star break, LeBron has an opportunity to restate his MVP case, starting in a few minutes.

In a way, Skip isn't wrong. Since Embiid is considered the MVP front-runner by most, him being sidelined with injury for a chunk of the season does give LeBron a chance to improve his own case.

Of course, to think (and then tweet) such a thought so soon after a devastating injury to one of the NBA's best players is just poor judgment, to say the least. A lot of fans have since come to that same realization...