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Skip Bayless On Kendrick Perkins Calling Kevin Durant The Best Player In The World Over LeBron James: "Period. End Of Story. Best Player On Planet. Not Close."

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Let's be honest for a second here. There aren't many fully objective sports debate shows on TV right now.

You have the LeBron James stans on one side and the LeBron James haters on the other, and it seems like they can just go on for hours and hours in circles on the same subject.

Skip Bayless is the perfect example of that. He's spent two decades of his life trying to tear down LeBron and making a huge profit out of it. Even when there's no basketball going on.

That's why he made the most of the chance to once again take a shot at him, stating that Kevin Durant is the best player on Earth and citing LeBron James fan Kendrick Perkins:

"(Kendrick Perkins) is simply the biggest LeBron James defender and apologist aside from Shannon Sharpe. He's at least in your league when it comes to LeBron. And he knows LeBron and he obviously played with and for LeBron," Bayless started. "So, I respect that and I honor that but it also makes me wonder about... Is there some ulterior motive here? Because... I wanna know what's the psychology. All of a sudden he just flipped on LeBron and he said 'It's over, it's time, go home.' 'It's about damn time someone dethroned King James.'"

"KD had masterpiece efforts in Games 5 and 7, two of the all-time great games I’ve ever watched from an NBA player this side of Jordan. Then he made one of the greatest clutch playoff shots ever only to have his toenail on the 3-point line," Bayless added on a follow-up tweet.

To be fair, the fact that Kendrick Perkins said that really speaks volumes. I mean, he's pretty much the anti-Skip Bayless when it comes to LeBron.

At the end of the day, there's no much point in comparing both players. Also, not being the best player in the world on your 19th season shouldn't be a reason to be angry.