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Skip Bayless On LaMelo Ball Drafted 3rd Overall By The Hornets: "I Love This Fit. This For Me Was A Match Made In Hoop Heaven. LaMelo And MJ. I Was Joyful, I Think Jordan Will Instill Some Of The Proper Intangibles In Him."

(via Toowoomba Chronicle)

(via Toowoomba Chronicle)

Just one day after saying that LaMelo Ball wasn't worthy of being the 1st overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft and that he was 'spoiled rotten' by his father, Skip Bayless took to Undisputed to rave about how happy he was for him falling to Michael Jordan's lap.

Jordan, says Bayless, is the right guy to develop LaMelo Ball and turn him into an MVP contender, as he's the only one who could try and give him a bit of his 'killer will' and determination to be the best player in the world:

"I love this fit. This, for me, was a match made in hoop heaven. LaMelo + MJ. They needed each other and I doubted that they would be able to connect because I still thought, right up to game-time last night: 'First pick of the Draft'. (...) I was joyful that he felt to MJ. Why does LaMelo need MJ? Well, look, I know this is impossible but if I could pour 2 ounces of whatever is inside MJ into this kid, 2 ounces of killer will, I might have something that would be MVP caliber," Bayless said.

While it's clear that the Ball family is pretty particular, LaMelo's talent is just undeniable. The Charlotte Hornets needed a showman, a guy who could bring people to the arena and that could make the highlight reels night in and night out and they got it.

Obviously, such talent doesn't come without some risk attached to it. Then again, LaMelo has been known for his work ethic throughout the years, and he's been used to playing professional basketball for quite some time now.

Michael Jordan has made a lot of mistakes as an executive throughout the years but for now, it seems like he finally hit a home run with LaMelo Ball.