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Skip Bayless On LeBron James Becoming Part-Owner Of Red Sox: "LeBron Has Now Positioned Himself To Pull Off Owning An NBA Team Very Soon After He Decides To Call It Quits As A Player. I Don't Think He'll Be Just A Good Owner, He'll Be A Great One."

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LeBron James was recently announced as being having an ownership stake in the Boston Red Sox, which is a fairly prominent MLB franchise. LeBron James is often known as a shrewd businessman off the court, so it seems fitting for him to take an opportunity to invest in another sport.

One potential way that LeBron James' current acquisition could help him in the future, is by supporting his bid to own an NBA team. Skip Bayless has recently stated that LeBron James is now in a position to potentially try and acquire an NBA team soon after he retires. LeBron James himself has stated that he wants to own an NBA franchise sooner rather than later.

LeBron James is well known for his endeavors off the court, and he would definitely be one of the primary people that NBA fans would love to see at the head of a team. LeBron James has often been jokingly called "LeGM" by fans, signifying the way star players often end up on his teams. LeBron James's ability as a player is amazing, but perhaps his ability as the head of a franchise will be just as great. It would be fun to potentially see a front office led by LeBron James, and hopefully, the NBA can make it happen.