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Skip Bayless On LeBron James: "His Sole Focus Now Is Catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And Resting On Defense..."

Skip Bayless Slams LeBron James For Missing The Game Against The San Antonio Spurs: "Obviously Winning Is No Longer The Priority For LeBron This Season. He's Focused On Winning The Scoring Title In Year 19, Then Passing Kareem In Year 20."

LeBron James is one of the most accomplished players the NBA has ever seen. As a 17x All-Star, 4x MVP, 6x All-Defensive player, and 4x NBA Champion, he has nothing left to prove when it comes to the game of basketball.

Still, James continues to play with the same intensity he did years ago, seemingly for the goal of winning another Championship.

On Undisputed, Skip Bayless presented an alternative motive. According to him, James is actually just trying to strengthen his GOAT case by catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the All-Time scoring list.

“LeBron has been different this year. He has gone from being a defender and the driving force of a team ranked number one in defensive efficiency to ranking 207th in defensive win shares. They have plummeted to the middle of the pack on defense and it's really costing them.

"To me, LeBron’s sole focus has now gone to catching Kareem and resting on the defensive end. LeBron will have his chase-down blocks occasionally and he'll have a moment of defending but this team goes as he goes on both ends of the floor and I'm sorry but they just don't play defense. So if LeBron’s acting as GM, he should’ve pushed for fresh, young legs on defense, not Carmelo, Ariza and Westbrick."

Remember, it was defense that helped the Lakers win the title in 2020. As one of the best defensive teams in the league, the Lakers had a certain way of shutting down their opponents that made them hard to beat.

This season, the Lakers aren't nearly as effective on that end of the floor. Where it's Anthony Davis' absence, roster flaws, or LeBron James' aging game, the Lakers just aren't what they used to be.

Meanwhile, King James sits at second on the All-Time scoreboard, still a ways away from catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the top.

If James isn't going to get another title, at least he can take comfort in inching closer to making history once again.