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Skip Bayless On The Clippers Getting Rajon Rondo: “That Would Make The Clippers The Champion And The Lakers Some Runner-Up.”

Rajon Rondo

It's pretty clear that the Los Angeles Clippers have a good-enough core to compete at the highest level and become a dynasty. It's also clear that they need to tweak a thing or two and make a couple of moves to actually make the most of that core.

That's why the team is reportedly eyeing a move for Rajon Rondo, who bounced back in a huge way with the NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers and proved that he's far from done in the league. Rondo is set to become a free agent and even though he could still come back to the Lakers, the Clippers could likely offer him more money and a starting spot.

And, according to sports analyst and the biggest LeBron James hater in the world Skip Bayless, adding Rondo to their roster would guarantee a ring for the Clippers and doom the Lakers to be the runner-up in the Western Conference:

"That’s the magic move. Rondo to the Clippers would be the difference next basketball season. That would make the Clippers the champion and the Lakers some runner-up. Western conference runner up," Bayless said on his show Undisputed.

Bayless added that it would be the perfect move for Rondo because it would cement his legacy as a winner in the league after already winning a ring with the Celtics and the Lakers:

“This is the move that would make so much sense for Rondo because it’d be a legacy move," Bayless added.

Rondo is far beyond his prime but even this version of him is better than some of the starting point guards in the league. He's a floor general, a leader, and the perfect guy to set up Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the offense, so perhaps Bayless isn't that far off this time.