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Skip Bayless On The GOAT Debate If LeBron Wins A Title: '"The Last Dance' Was His Last Dance. It's Case Closed, Game Over, Good Night King."

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Credit: Getty Images

Basketball is back. We finally know when players are going to go back to the hardwood and which teams are going to fight toe-to-toe for an NBA Championship. Still, some may argue that this season will always carry an asterisk next to it.

That's a controversial matter, as while some argue that having 4 months to heal and rest will make it easier to win, the truth is that all 22 teams have that exact same advantage, so who has the bigger edge?

That's why Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless fueled once again the debate about whether LeBron James could pass Michael Jordan on the GOAT conversation if he were to win a ring with the Lakers, given that he would lead three franchises to an NBA Championship.

However, Skip just doesn't think there's anything LeBron can do to pass Jordan on the GOAT ladder after 'The Last Dance' documentary. According to Bayless, there's just no way Bron can convince people that he's better after taking an in-depth look at Jordan's routine, personality, and even individual accolades:

"How can you reignite a wet match? I ask you. It's wet, it's done. It's over. 'The Last Dance' was your last dance. It's over Shannon, it's case closed. Game over, good night King. You can see it for 10 straight episodes that LeBron has never been able to call upon that kind of killer will that Michael showed you in 'The Last Dance'. LeBron has never been able to call upon the explosive clutchness of Michael Jeffrey Jordan. LeBron has never been able to call upon the cold-blooded, but highly successful leadership you saw in 'The Last Dance' that resulted in 6 Finals with no losses and 6 (Finals) MVPs for Michael Jordan. It resulted in 9 first-team All-Defense. 9 to LeBron's 6. LeBron's a good defender but he wasn't this guy 'cause this guy was a Defensive Player of the Year. Michael Jordan led the league in steals three times to LeBron's obviously none. And I bring up 10 Scoring titles to LeBron's 1. What are we talking about here? It's just completely over," Bayless claimed.

Moreover, Bayless went on to argue that winning a Championship won't do anything for LeBron's resume right now, as people won't give him full credit for that ring after the 4-month hiatus the league has been on:

"So you're telling me if LeBron James manages to win an 'asterisk' Championship - it'll be known as the Covid-Championship. It's a season that's going to be abbreviated with a 4-month hiatus. What a great break for year 17 that made a great run for MVP before the lights went out. And 4 months later, refreshed, he gets to come back and lead a sprint to the finish line. OK, God bless, way to go, the Gods were good, the basketball Gods said 'Let there be LeBron in year 17'," Bayless concluded.

Everybody's entitled to his opinion but I'll tell you one thing: the Orlando bubble is going to be a battle to the death. Anything can happen and whoever takes the trophy home will have to fight with bones and nails to pull it off, so give credit where credit's due.