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Skip Bayless On The Houston Rockets: "They Will Give The Lakers Problems."



With their Game 7 victory today, the Houston Rockets are officially moving on to the second round of the Western Conference playoffs, where the Lakers have been waiting for them since smashing Portland in 5 games early last week.

The Lakeshow have been heavily favored to win the West since they acquired Anthony Davis last summer, and their play since the 2019-20 campaign has only proved they're a legitimate threat to take the crown.

That is the team the Rockets will have to face, beginning in just two days from tonight.

Still, despite the odds, FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless predicted on Twitter that it will take seven games to win the series and that the Harden-led Rockets will give them "problems."

Needless to say, nobody can say for certain what the series will look like or how it will end. Skip says the Lakers will come out on top but is also openly admitting it will be a close series. For what it's worth, Houston went 2-1 against L.A. in the regular season.

For Houston to win, though, it's imperative that Harden plays at his best. If he can re-discover his offensive rhythm and continue his heroics defensively, there's no way the Lakers could stay in front of him. With Russell Westbrook serving as his backcourt partner, it's even more of a reason to question the Lakers' chances in this series.

Of course, we'll have to just wait and see. Counting out L.A., and underestimating the leadership of LeBron James has never worked out very well in the past. Butt in these playoffs, under these circumstances, you just never really know.