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Skip Bayless Ranks 3 Best Shooters Of All Time: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson And Ray Allen

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

When it comes to shooting, Stephen Curry is usually considered the best in the business. Considering his numbers, success as a 3x Champion, and sheer dominance when it comes to long-distance shot-making, it's far to say the Golden State point guard has earned that titles.

When asked about the greatest shooters ever, FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless ranked the top three,e which included both Steph and his teammate Klay Thompson.

Ib regards to the latter, he specifically called him out as the best "catch-and-shoot" shooter ever.

"I believe they got the first two right. And I believe it so much that I believe there's a significant gap from Klay Thompson at two down to [Ray Allen] at third. Here's my point about Klay Thompson: I'll give you Steph, obviously he revolutionized the game. Klay Thompson is the greatest catch-and-shoot shooter ever and it's not close to me because if you look at the numbers, most threes ever made in any regular-season game -- Klay Thompson, 14. That was October 29th of 2018. Most threes ever made in any playoff game ever -- 11, by Klay Thompson. Most points ever scored in a quarter of an NBA game -- 37 points by Klay Thompson."

Ray Allen was the best before the Splash Bros came along. He has made over 2,900 threes in his career and always knocked them down when it counted.

As for Steph and Klay, we all know what they are capable of on the court. Together, they became the first two players in NBA history to make at least 200 three-pointers in five consecutive seasons and they've got three titles to show for it. Their theatrics from beyond the arc is one of the main reasons the team has been so successful these past few years and they helped change the NBA forever. There really is no arguing for anybody else at the top.