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Skip Bayless Responds to Damian Lillard: "Damian Lillard Has Spoken Like He's One Of The Leaders In The NBA. He Speaks As Though He's LeBron James."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Skip Bayless is at it again. This time, vs. Damian Lillard. Bayless reportedly said he still wasn't sold on 'Dame Time', which, obviously caused the Blazers' point guard to fire back.

Lillard called out Bayless on multiple tweets, claiming he's not the same person in private and in television, and pretty much putting his credibility and jeopardy. (Yes, again).

Thus, Skip being Skip, went on to "clarify" the background of his dispute with Lillard, claiming that he felt 'offended' by Lillard's stance towards the Orlando bubble, as Damian didn't want to play unless he had a true shot at the playoffs, yet Skip thought he was supposed to 'save sports', whatever that means:

"This all started on the morning of May 27, we were doing a show at home and Damian had made some statements to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports that really hit me the wrong way (...) Damian had said he would go to the bubble but he was going to sit in the bench and watch the game if he didn't have a chance to actually make the playoffs and I was offended because his team was 29 and 37 at that point, we were in the middle of a pandemic, and everyone in the sports business, including us, we were all depending on the NBA to go to the bubble and try to save sports for us," Bayless said on Undisputed.

Skip went on to say that Lillard is talking a big game right now even though he doesn't have as many accolades as LeBron James. Ironically, Bayless has made a name for himself for being one of the greatest LeBron James' haters of all time. This time, he talked about James as if he were the greatest ever, just to make his point:

"Damian Lillard has often spoken out like he's one of the leaders in the NBA. He speaks as though he's LeBron James and LeBron is obviously the face of this league and he's earned the right to be the face of this league. So I wondered out loud on TV with you 'What exactly has Damian Lillard ever won to achieve this type of stature in this league?' Because, seriously, he's won nothing," Bayless added.

Skip claimed that Lillard and he had a phone conversation and that Dame was pretty agitated. He said that he tried to explain to him that he was worried about sports because he didn't know if the Fox Sports Network was going to be able to survive after 4 months without sports. Lillard, obviously couldn't care less about Bayless' job security.

“I’ve been getting texts from Damian Lillard saying, ‘What have you done to challenge what I have done?. Well, let’s talk about that. I wanna talk-talk about it, not text-talk about it, and if I could face-to-face I would have done it at that moment. Within five seconds of me reading that text, I just hit that little dial sign and it rang his phone, so I called him because I don’t run from any of that. You know my background, I’ve had dozens, if not hundreds, of battles with professional athletes in my many years in this business," he concluded.

Whatever happened between the two will most likely stay a secret until the end of time. But judging by Skip Bayless's history, it's pretty hard to trust him on this one, even if he has a point about Lillard's lack of silverware.