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Skip Bayless Reveals The Biggest Weakness For The Rockets

James Harden

James Harden and the Houston Rockets have made a lot of progress since their early season struggles. Powered behind the antics of Harden, they have quickly become one of the West's more feared teams. They stand at 5th in the West with a 33-25 record.

But come playoff team, will they pose a serious threat?

Skip Bayless has his doubts, thanks in large part to what the Rockets do in the offensive end.

“This team (Houston Rockets) lives and dies on the whistle, so when it doesn't get the whistle, it just folds. That’s what I don’t like about the Rockets in the playoffs because they’re not going to get as many calls from anybody, not just Scott Foster."

Skip is exactly right, the Rockets make their living at the free-throw line, led by James Harden, probably one of the NBA's best at getting to the line.

The team recently went off on Scot tFoster for what they felt was unfair officiating. But, come playoff time, they'll find fouls harder to come by. The postseason changes the landscape and, unless the Rockets adjust, it might not bode well for them. Hopefully, they'll find some sort of groove before spring.

We'll find out soon enough.