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Skip Bayless Rips LeBron James For Missing Game-Winning Three: "That's The Phony GOAT For You!"

LeBron James Had To Take 3 COVID-19 Tests Before Entering Health And Safety Protocols, Is Currently Asymptomatic

LeBron James normally does it all on the basketball floor, but he was struggling to close out the Kings in Staples Center on Friday.

In a back-and-forth game that stretched to triple overtime, LeBron had several opportunities to secure victory for his team.

Unfortunately, he missed them all, prompting FOX Sports analyst (and notorious LeBron hater) Skip Bayless to bash him for it on social media:

Skip conveniently forgets that LeBron James is (statistically) one of the most clutch players in league history, as he has proven time and time again. In this case, he came out less than heroic.

Regardless, the Lakers have much bigger issues than some missed shots by Bron.

For some, the most glaring issue is Russell Westbrook, whose fit with the team has been questionable to start the season. His inability to shoot and shortcomings on defense have created some glaring vulnerabilities for the 17x Champs.

For others, the problem is more of a cultural one. As Shaquille O'Neal said on 'Inside the NBA,' the Laker s just aren't playing with enough urgency.

"They think because of the veterans they have, all the experience they have, they think that they can turn it on. But if you wanna have championship aspirations, this is the mentality period. Beat the teams you're supposed to beat, stay dominant at home, and stay above .500 on the road. You gotta have that from Day 1, from training camp. These guys are playing a lil bit too cool, a lil bit too lackadaisical, defense isn't there, and these youngsters are going at their head."

Whatever the problem is, the squad has to figure out a solution fast. As the Warriors, Suns, and Jazz start perfecting their formula, it's going to get increasingly harder to catch up.

Their best hope lies in LeBron James, even if he occasionally misses some buzzer-beating threes.