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Skip Bayless Roasts Lakers For Thinking Kyrie Irving Can Save Their Franchise: "It Amuses Me... Kyrie Irving Was The Catalyst For Tearing Apart The Brooklyn Nets Last Year."

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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the league when healthy, and he is generally considered one of the most talented players in the league. Kyrie Irving's ballhandling ability is second to none, and he is a fantastic shot creator as well.

This summer, there were a lot of rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving. He was most prominently linked to the Los Angeles Lakers. Though it is likely that he will remain with the Brooklyn Nets for the rest of this season, the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly believe that Kyrie Irving will still join them next summer.

“You talk to people over in Los Angeles, they still really feel like Kyrie is coming to them next year,” said Schiffer. “I’m curious to see how that goes over with recent events.”

Skip Bayless has recently roasted the Los Angeles Lakers for believing that Kyrie Irving can be the savior of their franchise, pointing out that he "was the catalyst" for the Brooklyn Nets' implosion last season.

Some folks in El Segundo (Lakers headquarters) are still clinging to the notion that Kyrie is coming to save them... It amuses me, Shannon, that your whole franchise now considers Kyrie Irving their savior, when Kyrie Irving was the catalyst for tearing apart the Brooklyn Nets last year.

Obviously, it is clear that Kyrie Irving's part-time status affected the way the Brooklyn Nets played throughout the season. However, he should be able to be a full-time player next season.

Kyrie Irving would likely make the Los Angeles Lakers a better team simply due to his skill set and the star power that he provides. However, Skip Bayless's concerns aren't unreasonable. Hopefully, we'll see Kyrie Irving prove that he can consistently stay on the court next season, and we'll see how he does with the Brooklyn Nets.