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Skip Bayless Roasts LeBron James Despite Him Getting A 30-Point Triple-Double And Leading The Lakers To A Win: "Uh, Bron. It's The Rockets, Who Lost By 24 Last Night In Charlotte. Congrats, You Barely Beat The Rockets."

Skip Bayless Accuses LeBron James Of Stat-Padding: "LeBron James... Is Still In The Game Trailing By 22 With 5:08 Left, To Stat-Pad With Easy Garbage-Time Buckets As He Chases Kareem’s All-Time Scoring Record.”

Skip Bayless loves making fun of LeBron James any chance he gets. Many people have claimed that Bayless has practically made a career out of mocking James, and has become wildly popular and successful because of this. But it isn’t just when LeBron fails; Skip can criticize LeBron James even when he plays well for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Last night, LeBron James had an incredible game against the Houston Rockets, putting up 32 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists, as he led the Lakers to a much-needed win. He played a big part in the Lakers finally breaking their 5-game losing streak and getting back to winning ways once again.

But Skip Bayless couldn’t resist trying to bring LeBron James and his fans back down to earth. Bayless took to Twitter to deliver a backhanded compliment to LeBron James, in which he claimed both he and Russell Westbrook played well but reminded them that it was against a very weak Houston Rockets team and that it was not something he should be so boastful about.

“LeBron and Russ played great down the stretch. Both had triple-doubles. LeBron often flexed, snarled, mean-mugged as he played bully ball. Uh, Bron. It's the ROCKETS, who lost by 24 last night in Charlotte. Congrats, you barely beat the Rockets. I guess it's a start.”

Bayless isn’t wrong, but his timing is the issue here. The Lakers won the game, and LeBron played really well for them. But his immediate urge to put LeBron down and try to discredit his performance by saying that his opponents were not good is yet another example of Bayless doing everything to tear James down.

Skip does not have a great reputation within the NBA community. In fact, Kevin Durant recently told Skip Bayless that he does not like him. Bayless responded by saying that Durant feels the need to have people go against him to motivate him, a comment that did not garner any response from KD.

Bayless has had far worse arguments against James, recently even questioning why people think James spends the most money on his body. James has never publically acknowledged Bayless or his comments. And there is little chance that he responds to this comment in particular. But LeBron’s silence does not mean that Bayless won’t continue to call him out.