Skip Bayless Says Chris Paul Is Not A Top-15 Point Guard In NBA History

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

Skip Bayless always finds a way to go against fans, offering eyebrow-raising takes about most people's favorite players. This has gone beyond LeBron James in the past couple of seasons, with the analyst attacking other players like Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, and Luka Doncic. 

The last man to join that club is Chris Paul, who is balling this year in the playoffs. He is widely considered a top 5 point guard in NBA history. The Phoenix Suns star has made a massive impact on every team he's played on in the association, building a vast legacy that only misses a championship.

However, Bayless doesn't consider this good enough to place him as one of the 15 best point guards in NBA history. During a recent edition of FS1's Undisputed, the controversial analyst stated that Paul needs to show his greatness in the playoffs, especially this year when the competition is brutal. 

"I'm having a hard time putting Chris Paul in my Top 15 PGs. I need more in the postseason. It's crucial for his legacy that he finish off the Nuggets, beat the Clippers in the next round and get to the Finals." 

The 36-year-old player is one of the best players in his position, and he keeps demonstrating that this campaign. The Phoenix Suns are in a very comfortable position against the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the playoffs. All of this thanks to CP3 and his incredibly efficient performances

He's called the 'Point God' by many people after all his demonstrations over the years. Sure, this is a perfect year for Paul to win that elusive NBA championship, but if he doesn't, that won't take anything away from him. We're in front of one of the fiercest competitors the league has seen. 

His legacy has already been cemented, but of course, he can top it off with a championship after beating his long-time friend LeBron James and the defending champions Los Angeles Lakers. But, time will tell if CP3 pulls off this feat.