Skip Bayless Says Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, David Robinson Are Higher Than Stephen Curry On All-Time List

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Skip Bayless continues pushing his agenda against Stephen Curry and everything the player represents. Although he's been cooking everybody recently, Bayless isn't impressed by the Golden State Warriors superstar, who has been on a tear in the last couple of games, propelling his team over big rivals and keeping their chances of going to the playoffs alive.

The controversial analyst never misses his chance to diss the 2x NBA MVP and on Tuesday, he went with everything against Curry, making a very bold claim about the Chef and his status as one of the best 20 players in NBA history. While a lot of people have Steph on their top 20, Bayless doesn't think that way, putting some questionable players ahead of him.

While Shannon Sharpe says Curry is easily a top 15 player in his book, and top 10 if he adds another individual or collective trophy to his résumé, Bayless named a lot of people that won less than Steph ahead of the point guard.

"By two-time MVP standards, he has stunk in the postseason," Bayless said of Curry. "... I don't have him in my top 20."

Moreover, he named the people that he would put before Curry, and to be honest, that was just awful.

"I’ve got Hakeem, Oscar, I’ve got Dr. J. These are all better than Steph right here right now,” Bayless continued. “I’ve got David Robinson. You think not? I’ve got Karl Malone. … I got Bill Walton. … Do you remember Bill Walton? He dominated pro basketball the way very few have dominated!”

All these players have earned their stripes and they are big legends of the game but putting them ahead of Curry, one man that changed the way basketball is played, that's just too much. Perhaps trying to spark the debate and go against his co-host makes Bayless say these things but this was incredibly disrespectful for Steph.

Curry is playing the best basketball he's played so far, he's the reason why the Warriors are still alive in the playoffs hunt and this month, he's taken things to the next level, averaging 40 points per game, scoring 30+ points in 11 consecutive and making 72 threes in his last 10 games. He is on another dimension right now and if people don't value that, things are very wrong.