Skip Bayless Says Lakers Should Have Signed LaMarcus Aldridge Instead Of Andre Drummond

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Skip Bayless Says Lakers Should Have Signed LaMarcus Aldridge Instead Of Andre Drummond

After failing to get Kyle Lowry in the trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the buyout market with hopes to get a big player that can help the team while LeBron James and Anthony Davis remain sidelined. That player turned out to be Andre Drummond, who was linked with the team ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers separated him from the rest of his teammates.

The Boston Celtics appeared to be a strong candidate to land the big man, too, but he ultimately chose the Lakers, the current NBA champions that will try to defend their title this campaign. This decision didn't sit well around the league and analyst Skip Bayless, a hater of LeBron and the Lakers, shared his opinion on this matter.

Skip said the Lakers got the wrong one since they should have gone for LaMarcus Aldridge instead of Andre Drummond. Aldridge decided to join the Brooklyn Nets after getting cut by the San Antonio Spurs, strengthening that superteam. Bayless said that Drummond's record in the playoffs can be hurtful for the Lakers, who need all the help they can get to make it to the Finals again in a very competitive Western Conference.

“Hail, Lakers “savior” Andre Drummond. 0-8 in playoff games while shooting 36% from the FT line. 0-1 in NCAA tourney. Now he’s under the NBA’s brightest spotlight. LaMarcus Aldridge would’ve been more valuable in this role. Good luck, ‘Dre. Pity you,” Bayless tweeted.

If there's something that Drummond didn't have before, it's LeBron James. The King has made a lot of people win rings and this could be another case. Last season, he gave Dwight Howard his first ring and he could do the same with Drummond, Dennis Schroder, and Montrezl Harrell among others.

The Lakers can get a lot from Drummond and if he's focused, this team will have big chances to come out of the West for the second straight season. This was one of the biggest names in the buyout market and he's younger than Aldridge, so this was a very good deal for the Lakers.