Skip Bayless Says LeBron James Is The Most Protected Athlete In The NBA

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Skip Bayless has - literally - made a living out of criticizing LeBron James. Even when James isn't played - and sometimes when there isn't even basketball on TV - he still finds ways to connect and compare anything to The King.

That's why whatever he says about LeBron James - or most sports matter, for what it's worth - has to be taken with a grain of salt. It's not like he's the most objective person on Earth.

Then again, he may have had a point during one of his latest rants, as he said that LeBron James is the most protected athlete ever:

"He's overrated because the media - listen - the media, the sports media has never idolized and protected a player more than it has (LeBron James)," Bayless said.

While it's safe to say that LeBron James has earned his stripes, his recognition, and it's only normal to see a lot of people idolizing him, he's also never been criticized by the media, even during the few moments that they could've or should've.

The media often protects the stars. James has plenty of charisma and has done enough on and off the court to get that treatment, even if their work is to be 100% objective at all times.

Then again, it's Skip Bayless we're talking about. He'll find a way to blame LeBron James when Kawhi Leonard misses a free throw on a game the Los Angeles Lakers aren't even playing.

If it were up to Bayless, he would blame LeBron for World War II or say that he could never have as good a golfer as Tiger Woods because he lacks that killer mentality, or whatever crosses his mind at the time. So yeah, maybe we shouldn't reach too much into his words on The King.