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Skip Bayless Says LeBron James Is The Worst Clutch Superstar Ever

Skip Bayless LeBron James Free Throws Clutch

Skip Bayless really don't like LeBron James and he continues to take shots at him after every mistake in Lakers jersey.

Ok, I have to admit that is pretty unusual to see that LeBron James keep missing clutch free throws but we published an article where you can see that Kobe Bryant also missed clutch free throws during his career.

LeBron James had a good game against the Hawks, scoring 26 points with 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals, but once again he missed clutch free throws.

As you probably know, Tyson Chandler saved the Lakers with the last second block.

Of course, that was enough for Skip Bayless who tweeted two tweets about his less favorite player ever, LeBron James.

After the game, he posted his statement about LeBron James in a clutch situation.

LeBron James had a realistic statement about his clutch free throws.

I'm sure that King James will improve his clutch shots and he will make a few buzzer beaters for the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center this season.