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Skip Bayless Says Trae Young Will Never Get Close To Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and Trae Young

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Some days ago Shaquille O'Neal put Trae Young in an uncomfortable position. He asked him to stop being politically correct and say whether he thought he could be a better shooter than Stephen Curry, a claim to which he'd eventually agree with.

Young ended up claiming that he thought he could become a better shooter than Curry next year because he works too hard on his shot, a bold statement that proves how confident he is on his game.

However, it seems like he's yet to convince Skip Bayless, who targeted him today in his show Undisputed by claiming he'll never be at Stephen Curry's level:

“I’m not buying into Trae Young as a superstar in the NBA. I love him as a passer, I don’t love him as a shooter…There’s no way Trae Young can ever come within 5 miles of Steph Curry," Skip said.

Young has proven to be a special talent thus far and has already made it to the All-Star Game despite being a sophomore on a struggling team. Also, he's one of the league's leading scorers at the tender age of 21-years old.

He's proven to have the green light to shoot from all over the court since his days at Oklahoma, and he's even knocking down shots from halfcourt at a higher clip than Curry. Also, he's already netted 361 three-pointers in less than two seasons, as opposed to Curry's 317 throughout his first two years in the league.

Still, whether he could become as efficient as Curry is yet to be seen. Thus far, Young is only a 34% shooter from beyond the arc, while Curry holds a career average of 43.5%, the sixth better average of all time.

Obviously, Bayless love to let everybody know about his hot takes so maybe we should take his comments with a grain of salt, but there's no doubt that Young has a lot of work to put on in the gym if he wants to be as good as one of the greatest to ever do it.