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Skip Bayless Says When Kevin Durant Comes Back, Only The Nets Can Beat Themselves

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Skip Bayless made a big prediction about the Brooklyn Nets, one of the best teams in the NBA right now. The analyst has been very fond of the Brooklyn Nets this season, praising them every time he has the chance and naming them as the biggest threat to LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers.

They have played without Kevin Durant since February 13, when the Nets beat the Warriors at the Bay. The New Yorkers won't have Durantula back until after the All-Star break but they're doing just fine with Kyrie Irving and James Harden leading the show at the Barclays Center. Bayless explained that Kevin Durant can only make this team better but they have a big threat that could destroy their chances to win it all this season: themselves.

The Fox Sports analyst took to Twitter to talk about the talented team and made it clear that they are the only ones who could get in the middle of their success.

"When the Nets get KD back after the break, only one team will be able to beat them: themselves."

Before and after the James Harden trade was completed, a lot of fans were skeptical about things working between the Big 3 but so far they have been just fine, at least on the offensive end of the ball. Their defense is a pending assignment and if they manage to get better at it, we will be in front of a very dangerous team for the rest of the league.

We all know what Durant, Harden, and Irving are capable of doing but it remains to be see if they can actually improve their defense and take this team to the next level.