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Skip Bayless Shuts Down Narrative Of Animosity Towards LeBron James: "I Do Think LeBron Is A Nice Guy. In Fact, I Hate The Perception That I Hate LeBron James."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Skip Bayless has probably made the biggest confession of his life when he said that he doesn't hate LeBron James, regardless of what the entire NBA community thinks. The veteran analyst has earned a lot of attention (and money) criticizing the current Los Angeles Lakers star, always trying to find something to shade him, even when LeBron isn't part of the conversation.

In a recent edition of FS1's "Undisputed," Bayless was put in the position to give the Hall of Fame speech for LeBron. He clarified he doesn't hate the King and in fact, he thinks he's one of the nicest guys in sports history.

“I do think LeBron is a nice guy. In fact, I hate the perception that I hate LeBron James. Nothing galls me more than that perception. Because I do not hate LeBron. I do think he’s one of the nicest guys in sports history.”

However, he also made it clear that he doesn't like the notion that LeBron is better than Michael Jordan, which is why he's so 'passionate' about his job; the GOAT will always be Michael Jordan for him and he will do everything to prove his point.

“And yet, that’s the start of my problem with him because every day on Undisputed I have to defend my guy, the true GOAT, Michael Jordan against LeBron. Because I sit across from a guy, Shannon Sharpe, who believes heart and soul that LeBron is the goat the greatest of all time. And that’s just blasphemy.

“That’s just silly. That’s just dead wrong. I think Shannon knows it deep down, but he won’t give it up. So, everything I say about LeBron is in defense of the true GOAT Jordan against the phony GOAT LeBron. And it’s probably not fair to LeBron, but I have no choice but to focus, occasionally, if not often on his glaring weaknesses, his un-Jordan qualities.”

He had to throw Jordan in the mix and talked about those qualities MJ had and LeBron does not.

“Michael Jordan, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know in Chicago, coldest blooded basketball killer there ever was. Absolute assassin. Not always the nicest guy. I got along with him. But a whole lot of people did not. And he didn’t care.”

Well, it seems like even when he's trying to be nice, Skip can't help but attack LeBron James and the things he's done in his career. The good thing is that Bayless won't be the one giving the speech for James' enshrinement into the hall of the immortals.