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Skip Bayless Slams Stephen Curry: "If Only Steph Could Be As Clutch In Playoff Games As He Was In Last Night’s 3-Point Contest."

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a superstar who is widely known as the best shooter of all-time. He is a multiple-time MVP and NBA champion: in terms of basketball accomplishments, his accolades speak for themselves. Stephen Curry has pretty much reached the pinnacle of the basketball world: however, even with his elite basketball ability, there are still plenty of critics.

One of Stephen Curry's critics has been Skip Bayless. During All-Star weekend, Stephen Curry notably won the 3PT contest, edging out Mike Conley's 27 points with his own 28. Despite his own clutch finish of the contest, Curry garnered criticism for Bayless for not showing the same kind of clutch ability in the playoffs.

In the video, we see Skip Bayless criticize Stephen Curry for his performances during the postseason. Skip Bayless mentions games 5-7 during the 2016 Finals as an example of that. However, there is a point to be made, that Stephen Curry has managed to beat LeBron James in the Finals multiple times. Stephen Curry has had his share of good performances, and at this point, he has nothing to prove.

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the world, and he is a winner. His legacy is cemented, but there will always be critics. This year, he is without co-star Klay Thompson, which showed just how valuable he is to this Warriors team, and just how dangerous they will be when Thompson comes back.