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Skip Bayless Suggests LeBron James Has Considered Running For President

(via Den of Geek)

(via Den of Geek)

The idea of Presidency didn't seem to be all too favorable for LeBron James, who apparently shot down the idea (which was proposed by his own teammate) a few days ago.

But according to Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless, the King has definitely given it some serious consideration.

It's not hard to see James entering the political sphere. He's spoken his mind on a number of big issues in the past and always makes it a point to stay educated on the things happening around him and around the world.

As the face of basketball, and a guy who owns a number of different brands outside of it, James would likely gain a very large following of fans and followers if he were to launch a campaign.

Without experience, it's hard to say if he'd pose a real chance to win and even harder to predict how he'd actually do if he were elected, but clearly it's a possibility we can't ignore, especially as his days in the NBA dwindle to its end.