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Skip Bayless Takes A Shot At Julius Erving For Not Including Michael Jordan On First All-Time Team

dr j

Skip Bayless is the latest figure to join the crusade against Julius Erving and his recent remarks on Michael Jordan, LeBron James and more players. 

Dr. J. really stirred the pot during a recent interview, where he just put two of the best basketball players ever on a second plane for different reasons. The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers legend recently sat with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports to discuss a variety of topics. 

He was asked to create two all-time teams and he came up with two big squads but surprisingly, he left LeBron James out of both teams, explaining that he's not a fan of the King creating superteams to win. After that, plenty of fans and analysts went after Erving, including Kendrick Perkins and Stephen A. Smith. 

Well, now Bayless has joined that list but not to defend LeBron (that would be crazy). He's one of the biggest defenders of Michael Jordan and couldn't believe that the dunker left the Chicago Bulls out of the first all-time team. 

"The Dr. is OUT! As in out of his mind! Any list that has Michael Jordan on the 2nd team is disqualified!" He said on Wednesday's edition of FS1's Undisputed. 

Then, he doubled down on those comments, calling Erving a 'grumpy old man'. 

Dr. J has been making some interesting headlines in recent days. He first talked about the Brooklyn Nets 'buying' a championship with all their stars, comparing them to the Lakers; he then went against LeBron James and something that a lot of people missed was that he left Jordan out of the first all-time team. 

Erving has expressed in the past that he believes he was better than MJ and that might have had something to do with his curious lineup. Well, just like LeBron, Mike has people ready to defend him and Bayless will do anything to do so.