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Skip Bayless Takes A Shot At LeBron James After Shaq's GOAT Comment



Shaquille O'Neal recently made a very strong comment about Michael Jordan. In an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, he revealed who he thought the GOAT was, and why, in his mind, it's not even up for debate.

"The fair thing to say is we should probably break it down by eras on who was the best player ever, but it's Michael Jordan by far," Shaq said. "Some of the things he's done, I don't see anybody being close to that. He's a 10. There's a lot of 7s or 8s around there but there's no 9s or 10s."

Skip Bayless, of course, responded to that comment, seeming almost pleased at the validation Shaq's words gave his opinion.

But as LeBron James' status in the GOAT conversation continues to be a matter for debate, his status as NBA's current best player also seems to be in jeopardy. Giannis Antetokounmpo is gearing up to win his second-straight NBA MVP award, Anthony Davis continues to impress in L.A., and the return of Kevin Durant may spark his name in the conversation. In fact, in regard to the latter, some believe he has already earned that title. This is what Skip said on Undisputed about the 2x Finals MVP.

“Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet. He’s beaten LeBron James head-to-head in 2 Finals in which he was the Finals MVP. He’s the best mid-range jump shooter we’ve seen since Jordan. He’s been a candidate for DPOY and almost a 90% career FT shooter,” Skip said.

Of course, we all know what KD can do on the court. Last season, he averaged 26 points, 6.4 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 1.1 blocks per game on 52% shooting. He's a 2x champion, 4x scoring champion, 10x All-Star, and 2014 NBA MVP.

Unfortunately, his Achilles tear this past June shrouded everything in doubt. Nobody knows what he'll look like upon return, or if he'll be able to continue where he left off.

Skip sure seems confident, but we'll just have to wait and see. As for LeBron James, he still has some time to build his case against the critics.