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Skip Bayless Takes A Shot At LeBron James For Feeling 'Hurt' By Kyrie Irving's Comments: "Can You Imagine MJ Taking Anything This Seriously Or Personally?"

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

LeBron James recently revealed he felt hurt when he learned about Kyrie Irving's comments towards Kevin Durant and his former teammates, saying that he felt KD was the first player he can trust to take the last shot of the game without hesitation. LeBron reacted to those words during a recent interview on Road Trippin', explaining he was surprised and kind of hurt by Kyrie's comments.

“So, when I heard the comment Kyrie made, I wanted to find the whole transcript. I was a little like, ‘damn.’ Once I got the whole transcript, I was like ‘damn.’

The whole time while I was there (in Cleveland), I only wanted to see him be the MVP of our league,” James said about Irving. “I only cared about his success, and it just didn’t align. It just didn’t align, and we was able to win a championship. That’s the craziest thing. We were still able to win a championship, and we could never align, but I only cared about his well-being, both on and off the floor, and it kind of hurt me a little bit”

This was a golden opportunity for Skip Bayless to attack Bron for his remarks and compare him to Michael Jordan. During a recent edition of FS1's Undisputed, Bayless took a couple of shots at the current NBA champion (19:00 mark).

Bayless: Can you imagine MJ taking anything this seriously or personally?

Shannon Sharpe: YES! He brought the guy who beat him out for the varsity squad, 25YRS prior, to his HOF ceremony!

Skip: That's all out of anger [Lebron's] is out of hurt!

Shannon: Oh my goodness!

He then doubled down on his comments on Twitter, claiming that Kyrie really hurt LeBron with his comments.

Bayless won't miss a chance to attack LeBron and when the player is showing his emotional side, he went after him. This is what happened with Dak Prescott a couple of months ago and the retaliation for Bayless was big. It's normal that Bron feels that way seeing the high expectations he had for Kyrie, how much he helped him and how things ended between them.