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Skip Bayless Takes Another Shot At LeBron James Because Of Injury


World-renowned Sports commentator Skip Bayless is infamous for his attacks on certain players and no other athlete in the world gets more hate from him than LeBron James. This all originates from when Skip was covering the Chicago Bulls in the 90s when Michael Jordan was setting the league on fire. Skip saw first-hand how good Jordan was and this cemented MJ as the greatest ever to play the game of basketball.

Now Skips sees people proclaim LeBron James as the greatest ever without reaching the heights that Jordan reached and it severely irritates him. Skip has always said that he so critical of LeBron because he holds him to the highest standards in sports; the Michael Jordan standard and since LeBron hasn’t achieved what MJ did Skip points that out.

Some people have argued that Skip is so critical because he holds Michael Jordan on this celestial pedestal that no one can touch and that Skip sees LeBron as a potential threat to knock MJ down of that perch which is why Skip takes every opportunity to have a go at the King.

We saw another example of this when it was announced that LeBron would miss at least another 3 games thanks to a groin injury he sustained on Christmas day versus the Warriors.

“I thought LeBron tweeted that he dodged a bullet with his groin injury and that he would be #backinnotime. Now he's going to miss three MORE games??? He's acting like just another human in his 16th NBA season.” Is what Skip tweeted yesterday. This tweet attacks LeBron because it points out that LeBron is just a human instead of the athletic God we all know him to be.

Sounds like LeBron is still living rent-free in Skips head.