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Skip Bayless: "This Will Be By Far The Easiest NBA Championship There Ever Was To Win."

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(via TV Insider)

Amid a worldwide pandemic, the NBA had to take a back seat for a while in order to ensure the safety of players, fans, and staff members. After weeks of quarantine, distractions rose again when the BLM protests began all around the globe.

With things seemingly calming down now, the league is due for a restart at the end of this month.

But considering everything that has happened, and what things might look like when they return, people are questioning the value and worth of this season's title. For some, winning this Chip (after plenty of time to rest) is easier than any others have been before. On FOX Sports' Undisputed, Skip Bayless explained why that was the case.

"The truth is this will be, by far, the easiest Championship there ever was to win because I want you to think about what's about to happen. These players do not have to travel to a single gam. There is no air travel, there are no "coast to coast" flights, there are no timezone changes, it'll feel like your own bed after about three months because you'll have everything set up in your own room. You're no exactly in solitary prison confinement. You're in the Walt Disney bubble. In Orlando. You have gone to Disney World heaven.

You've got the Disney staff, who are as sharp and as smart and on top of things as any staff in this country. They are going to wait on you 24 hours a day, hand and foot. Whatever your heart desires, you've got it from the staff. It's a 24-hour room service. The bars are open, the restaurants are open within the bubble. 

The point is, you do get to play golf if you choose, you can go fishing, they've got lots of great bass ponds right there on the property. You can go fishing if you want to. You can play paintball tournaments if you want to and you can play every video game known to man."

It's hard to argue that players won't be taken care of in this "bubble." No travel, constant service, multiple amenities. On one hand, these players won't be in low living conditions.

On the other hand, if everyone (and every team) is rested, happy, and healthy, wouldn't that make the playoffs more competitive? Every team will be on an even playing field, meaning every team should be able to put up a strong fight.

It's a two-sided coin and the community is split. But whether it's easier or harder, someone will have to win it -- and they'll be glad that they did.