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Skip Bayless Warns LeBron James About Jamal Murray: "You're In Trouble."

Credit: The Denver Post

Credit: The Denver Post

Jamal Murray has taken his game to the next level during this playoff, leading his Denver Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals alongside Nikola Jokic. Murray went off in Game 3 with 28 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds to give the Nuggets their first win of the series.

Now they're trailing 2-1 and Murray is set to tie the series and get past the Lakers to go play in the NBA Finals. They will need Murray playing at this best level to achieve that and according to Skip Bayless, the Lakers are in trouble with this player.

"For me, this is head or heart. My heart says the Nuggets are going to give you all you want. My head keeps telling me, stop it. This will be over quickly and that Lebron and the company will take care of business in game 4 and in game 5. Then it will be over in 5. I still say the lakers are considerably better just because they’re two superstars are both better than the two emerging superstars for the Nuggets.”

Bayless, though, believes Murray can be the key for the Nuggets to surpass the Lakers and take his team to the Finals. He compared the young point guard to LeBron James, claiming that if he can have a similar level to the King, the Nuggets do have a chance to advance to the next stage.

"But I will give you this on a concerning level, If Jamal Murray is becoming ‘that guy’ right before your eyes if he is becoming the true superstar, the equal now of LeBron James at age 35 at the end of year 17, if Jamal Murray is equal to him and if he can create the same impact and the same electricity that LeBron can in turning-point game 4, then you’re in trouble,” explained Bayless.

The Lakers should know that the Nuggets aren't easy. They have fought hard in the last two games and that doesn't seem to be changing soon. Murray is on fire, he's playing his best basketball and if the Lakers don't stop him, they will live a nightmare for the rest of the series.