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Snoop Dog On Kawhi Leonard And The Spurs: ' I Believe It Was A Lot Of Disrespect In That Locker Room'

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

Kawhi's playoff performance is making it easy to forget the dramatic and, to be frank, weird season he had with the Spurs just a year ago. There was an injury, there was chatter, and suddenly he was done -- he refused to play for the San Antonio Spurs for what he saw was a betrayal. Many are critical of Kawhi's handling of the situation, but is there more to the story we do not know?

On the airwaves of FS1, hip-hop icon Snoop Dog made an appearance on Undisputed to discuss what really went down in San Antonio, and why he stands with Kawhi a year later.

“I’ve talked to him. I believe it wasn’t a “quit.” I believe it was a lot of disrespect in that locker room towards him. That man brought you all a championship. That man locked up LeBron. He was the shining star...When you’re hearing this as a kid, you take it the wrong way."

Nobody knows the full scope of what transpired between Kawhi and the Spurs, but the franchise must be regretting the situation. The team is sitting at home and watching the postseason as Kawhi proves himself to be one of the best players in the game -- and only a single win away from the NBA Finals.

The disrespect got a little out of hand for the Spurs, and they are seeing what it cost them before their very eyes.