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Snoop Dogg Reacts After Receiving Big Gift From Kawhi Leonard

(via Instagram/@snoopdogg)

(via Instagram/@snoopdogg)

Snoop Dogg is a notorious and very widely-known fan of the LA Lakers. And yet, even despite his allegiance to the defending Champs, it was the Clippers' Kawhi Leonard who recently gifted him some pretty nice kicks, poking fun at Clippers superfans Marcellus Wiley and “Clipper Darrell.”

Kawhi and Snoop seem to have established some kind of friendship, as it's not the first time the two have interacted off the court.

Obviously, the fact that Kawhi sent him some (pretty nice looking) sneakers instead of sending them to Clippers fans must really hurt, especially after the way things ended for the team in the offseason.

The hope for LA is that they can turn things around behind strong performances from Leonard and Paul George next season. With a new coach, roster changes that are likely to come, and a highly motivated squad, there's no reason to think they won't be back competing for a title.

When they do, guys like Snoop will be actively rooting against them -- which makes the whole shoe gift-giving thing kind of ironic.