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Snoop Dogg To LeBron James: "You Going To Help Us Get That 18th Trophy?”

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

It has only been a few months since LeBron James and the LA Lakers were crowned Champions of the basketball world. And now, on their ring night, one of the biggest Lakers fans is already asking for more.

No matter how you feel about the difficulty of the 2019-20 Orlando bubble playoffs, you have to credit the Lakers for overcoming unprecedented challenges and walking away with their 17th title.

Of course, as is customary for the Purple and Gold, they have expectations to do it again in 2021. For a franchise so used to winning, you really can't blame the fans for looking ahead and pushing their team to go back-to-back.

The big question now is, can they do it? This past offseason, Rob Pelinka got to work on improving the roster, and was able to welcome Montrezl Harrell, Marc Gasol, and Dennis Schroder to the team. But as their biggest star (LeBron James) turns 36, one has to wonder how long they'll be able to stay at the top.

At least for now, every expectation is that the Lakeshow will continue to be among the best teams in the NBA.