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Some Nets Players Reportedly Wanted Coach Kenny Atkinson "Gone."

Kenny Atkinson


The Brooklyn Nets are in firm playoff position despite being without their two best players.

Under normal circumstances, an organization would be more than pleased with their personnel. But for the Nets, they recently (and suddenly) parted ways with their head coach, Kenny Atkinson.

According to Nets Beat Writer Anthony Puccio, some of the players reportedly want him "gone."

While Puccio was not able to get any specific names, most people seem sold on the idea that Kyrie Irving was the one who initiated the departure. In a separate report, Vince Goodwill noted that Irving's opinion of Atkinson went south as early as this season.

In Cleveland and Boston, he was often quick to criticize and alienate his own teammates in the midst of struggles. He has routinely called them out in public, and his previous teams have almost made it a point to illustrate just how dysfunctional a leader he was.

We'll see soon enough how it all plays out for Irving and the Nets. The word on the street is, Tyronn Lue could be taking over head coaching duties.