Some Think LeBron James May Have Been Recruiting Kyrie To L.A. After Cryptic Instagram Video Went Live

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LeBron James may or may not have been recruiting Kyrie to the Lakers, but when the best player in the world tags his former teammate with the song "rewind" playing in the background, it's going to be news regardless.

Amid numerous rumors about a possible reunion between LeBron and Kyrie, James posted a video to Instagram that has only added fuel to the story. In the footage, he tags Kyrie Irving while singing in the background. The song is Fetty Wap’s “Rewind," a tune about reuniting with an old flame. He posted two videos.

In the first he tagged Kyrie, saying "this that joint!"

The next video does not include any type of caption, but does reveal a very interesting line of the tune: "I know you’re with 'em now but soon you will be mine If I could bring it back, I’ll probably press rewind."

So, is this a hint at things to come or is this just LeBron reaching out to a friend?

It's no secret that the Lakers have been searching for a secondary star since the season began. While they have some chips to trade, their aim is free-agency... and Kyrie, despite a verbal commitment to the Celtics earlier this year, will be available come July 1st. The chatter between the two pairing up really started growing after news broke of Kyrie's "apology" to LeBron, in which the Celtics star expressed admiration and gratitude for the leadership LeBron displayed with the Cavs.

Even with everything that's happened, to say the two will pair up on the Lakers still seems like a long-shot. Kyrie left because he wanted his own team. He's got that in Boston and gets to lead a roster at least twice as good as the Lakers. Plus, with multiple other big-name targets on the market, there's no indication that Kyrie would even be L.A.'s first choice.

We don't know what this message means. It could be anything. The only thing we know is that it is certainly possible for the two to reunite, even if it doesn't seem very likely right now.