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Space Jam Predicted The NBA Season Suspension Exactly 23 Years Ago

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The NBA has suspended its season due to the coronavirus outbreak and fans have found a big coincidence between this situation and one of the most famous basketball movies of all time.

NBA fans were quick to notice the NBA was suspended exactly 23 years after the release of VHS and DVD of the movie ‘Space Jam’. The movie, which features Michael Jordan, was trending on Twitter after the NBA announced the decision to suspend the season.

Footage of the movie has surfaced showing the similarities with the current events, and things are really interesting.

"After meeting with team owners, I have decided until we can guarantee the health and safety of our NBA players, there will be no more basketball this season," the fictional NBA commissioner in the film says at one point.

The movie involves cartoon aliens stealing the talent from some of the best players in the NBA at that time. This leads several players to think they are sick with some sort of virus until MJ gives them their talents back.

Curiously, one of the players whose talents were robbed in the film, Charles Barkley, has informed he was tested for coronavirus.

This is not the only coincidence we can find with this situation. Actor Tom Hanks recently said he tested positive for COVID-19, a situation that happened in The Simpsons’ movie.

Reality often is wilder than fiction and this is another proof of that. Nobody is safe with this virus out there, as NBA players, analysts and more people involved in the game have tested positive for the illness.

Contrary to what happened in Space Jam, Michael Jordan is not here to save us from this disease.