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Spencer Dinwiddie On The NBA Financial Situation: "The Players Covered This Entire Loss And Played In Orlando For Free..."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Spencer Dinwiddie has become one of the most peculiar players in the NBA. The player has made some curious decisions in recent days and fans don't seem to understand him. He has always had interesting takes about the things happening in the league but now he took things to the next level.

Reuters recently revealed the NBA had fallen $1.5 billion short of revenue projection this season after several factors affected them, the teams and the players. Added to the coronavirus outbreak, other factors hurt the league financially.

That restricted access, all-inclusive bubble, which was run at an estimated cost of $200 million, was one of the factors that hit the NBA’s bottom line.

Other factors were the initial shutdown, the loss of 171 regular-season games, the lack of attendance for games in the bubble and China’s decision to not show games after an October tweet by former Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey in support of Hong Kong.

Dinwiddie took to Twitter to react to this, doing some maths and showing his discomfort with how things were managed during the season.

"I could be wrong cuz I’m new to this agent thing. But revenue projections were $8B usd.

Players lost 35% of salary this year between initial 10% escrow and the enhanced 25% Covid escrow.

35% x (50% of $8B) = $1.4B

So basically in spite of the mandate to bear the Covid weight 50/50 and the Daryl Morey fiasco (300-500M) the players covered this entire loss and played in Orlando for free...

Welp hopefully there’s no lockout," he wrote.

The league has been targeting December 22 and Christmas Day as a potential start to the season. They are trying to put things together to recover from the 2019/20 season, that could have been a lot worse, and have the closest thing to a normal season. However, not everybody is happy with the league following a tumultuous season and Dinwiddie made his opinion clear on what he thinks was something bad for everybody.