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Spencer Dinwiddie Reveals What He Wants To Do After Basketball: "After Thanos Snaps, He Goes To A House On The Hillside, The Prairie And He Kinda Sits Down And He Kinda Rests. That’s Probably The First Thing I’m Gonna Do."

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There comes a time for every player in the NBA, where they have to start thinking about what they will do after their career ends. We've seen players do different things: some take the time to focus on their other hobbies. Others become TV personalities. There's definitely a wide variety of things that an NBA player can do to occupy their time after retirement.

It seems as though Spencer Dinwiddie has already thought about what he wants to do after his basketball career ends. In a recent interview with Fred Katz of The Athletic, Dinwiddie revealed that he wants to spend some time being a dad, as well as devoting more time to various financial endeavors after he takes the time to be a family man. However, the first thing Dinwiddie wants to do is rest. Dinwiddie likened his mindset to Marvel's character Thanos, where he decides to rest at a secluded house after his "snap".

No, not at all. The agent game is way too messy. Don’t wanna get into it.

I think first and foremost, if you look at Infinity War after Thanos snaps, he goes to a house on the hillside, the prairie and he kinda sits down and he kinda rests. That’s probably the first thing I’m gonna do. My basketball journey has been difficult. And so, I don’t think there’s something I wanna immediately jump into.

I wanna take time to be a dad. I have a three-year-old son. I wanna take time to solidify and build my family in a different way than what you can when you’re playing. I think after taking that time, (I’d want) something to do with finance, more likely: investing, tying things together, maybe helping young players take chances investment-wise and things like that. You know, grow their money.

Being a professional basketball player isn't easy, and there are certainly certain sacrifices that come with the territory. The NBA season is fairly busy, and players are often away from their families and loved ones during that time. While Spencer Dinwiddie has a long time left in the NBA and a great career ahead, it seems as though he's already thought about the different things he wants to do after his time in the NBA ends.