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Spencer Dinwiddie Says Kevin Durant Playing At 80% Would Look Like Dirk Nowitzki

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

(via Philadelphia Inquirer)

Even after the NBA's hiatus, it's unlikely that we'll see Kevin Durant on the basketball court this season. After suffering a brutal Achilles tear in the 2019 Finals, the former league MVP is taking his time to rehab his body and get back in basketball shape.

Still, many are worried about what Durant will look like when he does finally return next season. Will he ever return to his All-Star form? According to his teammate Spencer Dinwiddie, we probably shouldn't worry about it because -- even at 80% -- his game will be akin to one of the best power-forwards of All-Time.

(via Nets Wire)

I look at it like this: at 80%, he’s Dirk Nowitzki. At 100%, he’s the best scorer of all time, and anywhere in between, he’s still, what, a top-three small forward in the league. So, we’re all gonna see. We’re all waiting. I know he’s working extremely hard, but he’s blessed, I think. It’s a little bit different than other people that suffered the Achilles. Outside of obviously Dominique Wilkins, who came back better [after Achilles surgery], the other people that kind of struggled, he’s probably the best shooter of that group. I don’t see a world where he’s not one of the elite players in the world when he comes back.

Durant has given us no reason to doubt his abilities so far. Over the course of his 12-year career, he's made 10 All-Star teams, 9 All-NBA teams, and earned 2 NBA Championships. He's considered one of the NBA's best players when healthy and is definitely in the conversation for best scorer in basketball history.

But, at 31-years-old, there's reason to question whether or not he'll ever return to his peak form. Achilles injuries are some of the worst at athlete can get and very few have been able to return from it as the same player.

No matter your thoughts on it, we'll see soon enough what Durant is able to bring to the table. many, including his teammates, have no doubt it'll be something great.